Act Fast. Act Now.

When you wake up to a leaking water heater, washer or a leaking pipe that burst it’s hard to know what the first step to recovery should be. In such unexpected situations, don’t trick yourself into thinking that you can remove all water by yourself and just fix the problem. Trust us that you will only do things worse, by losing precious time and thus allowing water to spread even more through your property.

In addition, cold water extraction is a job that needs to be handled with care, maximum attention and proper equipment. The whole restoration process depends on how well the first stage goes. If water is not removed completely, and gets to hide under the floors or behind walls, it gives great opportunities for mold and bacteria to grow and start serious health hazards.

By contracting Fullerton Water Damage for this job you get several certified technicians that come with state-of-the-art gear and proper tools to perform an “in-place” highly efficient cold water extraction procedure. This technology is extremely non-intrusive for your location and gets things done fast, without there being a need of moving stuff around.

The success of the entire cold water extraction process depends on the experience of the technician performing the job and the chosen tools. We guarantee you that only highly-trained specialists are part of our team and that our constant investment in equipment is reflected in the quality of our work.

For a cold water extraction job we have several special tools depending on the stage of the disaster and the quantity of water that needs to be removed:


Our Equipment

• Light wand extraction tool removes extra moisture from affected flooring and walls
• Drag wands extract cold water from carpet and pad simultaneously
• Water claws are a great manual tool for reaching difficult corners and hidden surfaces.
• Submersible pumps are very effective in extracting larger amounts of cold water

As you can see, cold water extraction is a serious job and must be done by experts that know how to handle such incidents. Call us for this type of job and relax knowing that no trace of water will be seen in hour house once we leave the site: 714-725-7815!