Install a fire sprinkler can save lives, but during a malfunction it can unexpectedly cause serious damage. Fullerton Water Damage should be your first choice in cases like this. We have trained all our technicians to handle a wide range of services from extraction procedures to disaster cleanup, from mold remediation to complete drying and basically any other procedures needed when you find yourself standing in water. Rugs, carpets, furniture, items, documents, floors, drywalls and ceiling – everything can be harmed permanently if fast and professional actions are not taken.

We can reduce the total loss you’ve suffered if you contact us before the water begins to affect other areas of your property. When a fire sprinkler goes off without warning, you might be dealing with a wide range of damage. It all depends on the room it went off it, what belongings were damaged and if any structural damage occurred.

If water stays in contact with other porous surfaces for more than just a few hours, the infiltration process begins and it tends to spread into low-accessible areas, too. Our detection equipment ensures no spots are left unattended,and will extend the time needed to complete the entire restoration process. We take careful consideration to make sure the job is done right the first time, every time.

So, whenever a fire sprinkler goes off accidentally, think no more and give us a call: 714-725-7815! We will reach you in no more than 30 minutes and take care of this unfortunate situation as fast as possible.